concept, director, filming, editing

Since my age of 17 I spend my free time on the process of doing a full lengh cinema movie someday, during this process i try to produce awesome stuff with great people with all this awesome opportunities we already have.

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Filming, editing

Tijl Bex is a young freelance filmmaker based in Tirol. With expertise in directing, camera and editing, he covers all the aspects in the filmbranche.

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filming, photography


Photography, Timelapse

Growing up in the heart of the alps, mountains and sport have always been an important part of my life. Buying my first DSLR at age 16 I started taking my camera with me up on the mountain to capture every possible moment.

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filming, photography, editing

I take photographs because they help me remember and enjoy things that I find beautiful, funny, interesting, or gnarly.

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filming, photography, lighting

I have had an interest for cameras since i was a kid. Growing up in the mountains, my life was intimately related to the snowboard scene.

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